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Steven Earl Jones is an American physicist. For most of his career, Jones was known mainly for his work on muon-catalyzed fusion. In the fall of 2006, amid controversy surrounding his work on the collapse of the World Trade Center, he was relieved of his teaching duties and placed on paid leave from Brigham Young University. On October 20, 2006, he announced his retirement. He holds that the World Trade Center was destroyed by controlled demolition during the September 11 attacks.

On September 22, 2005 Jones presented his views on the collapse of the World Trade Center towers and World Trade Center 7 at a BYU seminar attended by about 60 people. Pointing to the speed and symmetry of the collapses, the characteristics of dust jets, and reports of molten metal in the debris, Jones suggested that the evidence defies the mainstream collapse theory and favors explosive demolition. He called for further scientific investigation to test the controlled demolition hypothesis and the release of all relevant data by the government. Shortly after the seminar, Jones placed a paper “Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?” on the Physics department web site.

He subsequently defended the research twice more at BYU, also at Idaho State University, Utah Valley State College, University of Colorado at Boulder and University of Denver, the Utah Academy of Science, Sonoma State University, University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Texas at Austin.

Jones’ paper has been the center of controversy both for its content and its claims to scientific rigor. Jones’ early critics included members of BYU’s engineering faculty; shortly after he made his views public, the BYU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and the faculty of structural engineering issued statements in which they distanced themselves from Jones’ work. They noted that Jones’ “hypotheses and interpretations of evidence were being questioned by scholars and practitioners,” and expressed doubts about whether they had been “submitted to relevant scientific venues that would ensure rigorous technical peer review.”

Some of Jones’ colleagues have defended his work on 9/11 to varying degrees, and Project Censored lists his 9/11 research among the top mainstream media censored stories of 2007.

Jones’ placement on paid leave drew criticism from the American Association of University Professors and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Both organizations are long time critics of BYU’s record on academic freedom. Jones “welcomed the review” because he hoped it would “encourage people to read his paper for themselves,” however the review was abandoned when Jones elected to retire, effective January 1, 2007.

Jones has been interviewed by mainstream news sources and has made a number of public appearances. While Jones has urged caution in drawing conclusions,] his public comments have suggested a considerable degree of certainty about both the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center and the culpability of rogue agents working within the U.S. government. In one interview, he asserted that the attacks were “an ‘inside job’, puppeteered by the neoconservatives in the White House to justify the occupation of oil-rich Arab countries, inflate military spending, and expand Israel.” His name is often mentioned in reporting about 9/11 conspiracy theories.

In April of 2008, Jones, along with four other authors, published a letter questioning the NIST findings in The Open Civil Engineering Journal, titled, ‘Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction’.

Recently, Jones has been concentrating on what he was involved with since the 1980′s – an alternative energy source. He calls it Non-Conventional energy dealing with Electro Magnetism. In a way, it brings him full circle. One might say that the 9-11 attacks provided the reason for American’s military entrance and expansion in the Middle East on a level never before witnessed in history. Now with Osama bin Ladin, the supposed culprit of 9-11 disposed, the USA continues to expand its military ventures into other countries way beyond Afghanistan and into Africa with many charging that the ‘War on Terror’ which had been justified by the 9-11 attacks, is simply a cover for securing and furthering American control and interest over 3rd world country resources such as oil.
Jones was the one of the first if not the first academic to courageously question the science responsible for the collapse of the World Trade Center. He now is resuming his original quest for addressing the real problem – a need for a viable, economic energy source.

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  1. Watch the Dimitri Khalezov documentary interview on youtube to learn exactly how the WTC towers were demolished.

    Comment by anthony | August 29, 2011

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