Mary Pallant

Congressional Candidate for 24th District California

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Mary Pallant is a Democratic candidate for the United States House of Representatives, California’s 24th congressional district. She is currently running against former Democratic candidate Jill Martinez who lost the 2006 election against incumbent Elton Gallegly. The local primary election will be held June 3, 2008.

Pallant holds a B.A. and M.A. from Antioch University. She is the organizer and host of the Ventura County Speaker Series, Chair of the Ventura County Commission for Women, Elected Delegate to the California Democratic Party 41st Assembly District, Member of the Organizational Development Committee of the California Democratic Party, and Trustee of the Community Foundation of Oak Park.

Pallant’s campaign platform is based on 4 main issues. These include ending the war in Iraq, universal health care, improve the economy, and energy independence with environmental protections,

In Mary’s own words:

On Single Payer Health Coverage:
“The only way you can be sure to get great affordable health care is to go to prison or go to Congress because the government subsidizes both. But assuming you and your family don’t want to do either, we need to understand that it is almost impossible for us to continue on the current path we are on of rising insurance premiums, less coverage, 1000’s uninsured here in our district. Single Payer will return the care back over to your doctors and hospitals and away from administrators sitting miles away in a cubicle making decisions about your health and well being. Single Payer is comprehensive coverage for all and will greatly reduce the financial burden on businesses and families who struggle to pay insurance premiums.”

On Withdrawal From Iraq:
“It is time to bring our troops home: combat, support and private contractors. Mary wants all bases closed and turned over to the Iraqi Government and the rebuilding efforts must be turned over to the people of Iraq. We must also set aside adequate funds to rebuild what has been destroyed while calling upon the neighboring countries to be engaged and involved members of the rehabilitation process to stabilize, revitalize and formalize Iraq and its political structure.”

On Shifting Priorities:

“The 2 to 3 billion dollars a week we are spending in Iraq will get a much better return on investment if we invest here in our infrastructure, create green collar jobs, boost manufacturing, and assist with the sub-prime loan debacle. Wages have stagnated over the last several years, our dollar has declined, while our debt has risen to record levels. We are in an unsustainable downward spiral and we must act fast. We have witnessed the impact here in the district with falling or stagnate home sales, Amgen laid off 100’s of employees, Countrywide’s fall to near ruin, which affected 100’s of people who live here in Ventura County. The cost of goods and services has far outpaced inflation. For America to be a beacon of hope again in the world, a model of democracy, we must restore our middle class and become strong and secure again here first. It begins in our own back yard.”

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