Laurie Dobson

Independent Candidate for US Senate

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“I have built my life around my family and home, and have volunteered all my life, in the schools, town and community. I have three children-the older two, a son and daughter, rent a house together in Seattle, and my youngest daughter attends Kennebunk High School.

Due to my initiation of recognized educational programs, direction of local restoration and civic improvement projects, and organizational leadership in my field of land use and town planning, I was asked to run for the CT State Legislature in 2002. I ran on a platform that included economic revival with infrastructure redevelopment, transportation and jobs programs. I also was against an attack on Iraq, which the Democratic Party did not want me to talk about. They disapproved of my refusal to be silent on the issue of the impending war, and I had to stand alone within my Party. It turned out that I drew many to the support of my campaign because I wouldn’t back down under pressure from those ‘on top’.

This proved to help embolden others to oppose the Party’s pressure to ‘present a unified front’ about their decision to be quiet about Iraq–(the same as they are doing today by ignoring the 58% of Maine Democrats who said in October that they want the Party to support impeachment).

It’s five years later and I am running again, because I don’t think Congress has gotten the message now, either, that people want out of this war. It’s only getting worse and there is a serious risk that the Bush Administration will keep the war policy going, even starting WWIII, while Democrats are not doing all they can to end the wars we have and the perpetual war policy for these wars to keep on coming. We are being bled dry and it must stop.

If you vote for me you’ll be voting for a fighter. I’m a mother bear in defense of my children and their future–and the future of all of the next generation. I cannot imagine leaving them alone to deal with this huge war debt and the financial disasters that they will be burdened with; I have to do what I can to ease this burden, to help give them the best possible legacy and outcome. We can’t leave a world of problems we created to the future residents of the planet to deal with, not when we can do something now to make a better life for them possible.

My husband, who is a brain tumor survivor, and I are both committed to this Senate race. It’s unconventional to try for something this big with something already on our plate, with this fight against cancer, but it has prepared us and made us tough and clear about what is most important in life. We have chosen, as a family, that by refusing to turn our country over to warmongers and enablers we are fighting for the future of our country. We accept that regardless of our personal circumstance, this is our time to join this fight: this is where we are pitching our tent. We do this for love of our family our home our country, and, actually, for immortality.

I am running to win the Senate seat away from those who haven’t done their best for us and who thusly do not deserve to win it from the people. I do this with true hope for the betterment of the lives of my fellow men–and women, and on behalf of the State of Maine.

For the sake of all who came before us, and for those who will come after we have done our part, I hope you will support my campaign for the Senate. Thank you.

–Laurie Dobson, Independent U.S. Senate candidate

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  1. Go Laurie!!

    I am not a resident of Maine but I wish you well in the Senate race. We need more like you,

    Comment by Wayne Weaver | March 14, 2008

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