Driss Temsamani

Author and Founder SOS Morocco

Previously Aired On: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 – Listen to the Show!

A frequent guest lecturer and speaker at several conferences; Innovations in Hispanic Marketing, Latin America Insurance & Finance,InfoBanca, The CRM Summit, The Wall Street Journal Technology Summit, Wireless Commerce Conference, Eurofinance, Regional Treasury Conference, e-Revolution and COMDEX. Driss Temsamani received the Strathmore Who’s Who Leadership Millennium Award, the Jerry Goidenberg First Place Award for Direct Marketing and was named Visionary of theYear by Compaq and Corporation.

He is a published author of Rewind, DNA Marketing and other broad range of papers featured in Actualidad Economica, Business News Americas, Los Andes Económico, Business Technology News and Latin Trade.

“More than 1 million children are forced into prostitution every year because of sex tourism. My mission is to let the world know that it is against the law and a human crime to travel with the intent to engage in sexual activity with a minor. Children are not for Sale! Sex tourism is a global issue and a platform that breads future terroristsand global criminals. We must stand together against global pedophiles and educate our government in the US and elsewhere that this crime has no borders and must stop now.

For more information please visit www.sosmorocco.org and support our endeavors.


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  1. This is an excellent move to share with american issues in africa that affect the world. Thank you to peoplespeakradio for making this program possible. Leila

    Comment by Leila Hamidi | January 10, 2008

  2. I feel very proud when my fellow countrymen take a strong stand on a social dilemma of this magnitude! As Moroccans, we ought to take more initiatives to speak out our minds and discuss this hidden issues that are threatening our nation! Keep up this great work Mr. Driss:)

    Comment by Nouaman Khaimi | January 13, 2008

  3. Great Association, Great Cause, and Great Speaker :)

    Looking forward to the interview!

    :) Bouchra

    Comment by Bouchra A. | January 20, 2008

  4. This is a great reactive approach, opportunity and timing to stress this major social issue through the media by a great speaker. These may be early stages of creating awareness of any social issues of this kind and we will be all support for taking this step to the next level.

    Comment by Modar Alaoui | January 20, 2008

  5. this is a Great Work, and treats a verry serious problem, we must help to stop this kind of tourism NOW, and we are akting,
    I’m composing a new Song ,to be included on new Album , called – Not For sale, and speaks about child sexual tourism … i also post as many FW emails for all my Contacts in all the blogosphera, and all over the internet,

    i hope we can help people understand that another World is Possible

    Good Luk, Mr Temsamani

    Comment by Med Ziani | January 20, 2008

  6. I wish you every success with the interview, for the sake of
    SOS Morocco. I am passionate about children and especially
    the children of Morocco.

    Question: Is it possible to know more about the concert that is scheduled in Marrakech?

    Comment by Gretchen | January 21, 2008

  7. Thank you all for your support. I am looking forward to an interesting dialogue tomorrow. All questions and comments are welcome. Let us change this world one word at a time.

    Driss R. Temsamani

    Comment by Driss R. Temsamani | January 21, 2008

  8. Good luck for the inerview
    Loking forward to meeting you here in Montreal

    Comment by Kenza | January 22, 2008

  9. It was just about time when Moroccans had to loudly speak up in order to raise awareness of sex child abuse. All together, we are determined to protect our future generation !!
    Thank you Driss for taking the lead !!

    Comment by Wahb Atik | January 22, 2008

  10. It was just about time to loudly speak up and say NO to child abuse in Morocco and the entire world. Thank you Driss for taking the lead and keep in your mind that we all support your noble endeavor !!

    Comment by Wahb Atik | January 22, 2008

  11. One of the best session I listen to on People Speak Radio. I could tell this man had a lot of passion for his cause and it was contaminating. Good show People Speak Radio!

    Comment by Rick Hernandez | January 23, 2008

  12. I missed the show but hear it was good from a friend. My company is working on an event to raise awareness on this problem. Where can we find the recording of the show to use it for promotion? If we can of course. Steven

    Comment by Steve Liaola | January 23, 2008

  13. The show archive is now available in a link at the top of Driss’ bio above, or you can find it in the 2008 archive section as well. As far as using the recording for promotion, the archives are copyright The People Speak Radio. I would suggest that you to send an email with an explanation of your request, along with the event you’d like to use it in, to:


    I’m sure there will be no problem with your request to use the archive, as the cause is extremely important!

    Comment by LindseyD | January 23, 2008

  14. How do you evaluate your experience at elkarya.com in terms of confidentiality and anonymousness?

    How many members know your real names, addresses, professions, past experiences and activities, family related info etc and have you any regrets?

    Have you ever felt reluctant to share your political views on Morocco or any other subjects you deem sensitive because you fared that they will be linked to the personal information certain members have had access to through email correspondence, phone conversations, and even visits to or from people from this forum, or simply personal things you’ve posted in the forum?

    Are there any interesting stories that have happened to you or to someone you know in the realm of the virtual reality called the Internet?

    Do you believe there is a core group of members who run, manage, and monitor this website but also exchange and update info about tbegigat, fellaha, lemkadem etc or is it just the one and only Driss Temsamani?

    Please feel free to branch out from these questions as well and share any opinion or question in relevance to this subject.

    Comment by TERESA | January 23, 2008

  15. I am a fan of your poems Driss and amazed by your innovation and spirit. I loved the images you used with words “Digital Emotions”. Love the interview. Monica

    Comment by Monica Freeman | January 23, 2008

  16. Thank you so much for making this problem known to the world. It is a shame and sad how for years no one said anything. I know so many people thay were abused as children and are ashame to speak. Let the world know Mr. Driss we are behind you and God Bless you…. Amine ya rab


    Comment by Mouna Lebadi | January 23, 2008

  17. Driss,
    Many thanks for speaking out about the carnage taking place against our children worldwide and how sexual predators and flocking to countries with less risk of prosecution…Keep doing what you are doing…Every child deserves to be happy…
    All the best,

    Comment by Nina | January 24, 2008

  18. Thank you for speaking about a problem that also in my country Peru. I agree with you that Latin America needs help also. The world need to stop these animals that molest the children.

    Comment by Osvaldo Benaventure | January 25, 2008

  19. The is a very important topic and more people should be involved to stop it. U can’t beleive that the world does not care to save it children from the sex crimes. Thank you people speak for being diffrent no other radio or tv channels have giving sapce to discuss this story and than you driss for being so real and speaking from your heart. I felt your passion even if I did not meet you.

    Comment by Maria Lydiane | January 29, 2008

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