Bruce Burgess and Rene Barnett

Director and Producer of ‘Bloodline’

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Was there a Jesus-Mary Magdalene bloodline? Does evidence exist? BLOODLINE follows documentary filmmaker, Bruce Burgess, into the so-called “bloodline conspiracy” that claims Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene, who escaped to the south of France following his crucifixion, with their child. Over three years in the making, BLOODLINE is the first investigation to uncover new evidence: a buried wooden chest with artifacts that date to first century Jerusalem and a tomb with a mummified corpse draped in a shroud bearing a red cross.

Burgess and his film crew begin their investigation following the trail of the Knights Templar who were believed to have buried secret treasure in southwest France. In Paris, he arranges to meet with two men who claim to represent the Priory of Sion, the secret society said to have evolved from the Templars in order to guard a secret treasure down through the ages.

About the Filmmakers:

Bruce Burgess, Director

Born in London in 1968, Bruce is a documentary filmmaker with 22 films under his belt. He is known for his reports and investigations into a wide range of mysteries, conspiracies and cover-ups.

Since his exposé of the secret Pentagon facility known as “Area 51” back in 1996, Bruce has both written, directed and hosted a series of well known documentary specials on subjects as diverse as ancient history, alien abductions, the British Royal family, CIA assassins and global terrorism.

His films have been shown on television in over 50 countries and include: “William: The Making of a King” (Granada Television & ITV), “Dreamland,” “The Uninvited,” “Impact Earth and the Lost Ark” (ITV, SKY and Discovery Networks International), “Raising the Titanic” (Carlton TV), “Sabina’s Story” (BBC2), “Bombs & Basques” (Channel 4, UK), “Stranger than Fiction” (Channel 5, UK), “The Bermuda Triangle,” “Solved & Broken Dagger” (TLC and Discovery Networks International), “Bulletcatchers” (ITV, UK) “Desert Blast” (Travel Channel), “William: Born to be King” (E! Network), “The Royal Soap Opera” (ABC) and “In Search of the Holy Grail” (Discovery and Channel 5).

In 2004, Bruce wrote and directed his first 35mm short film, “Rosbeef,” which premiered out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

Rene Barnett – Producer

René is a former print journalist, radio broadcaster and television producer specializing in entertainment series, specials, documentaries and reality-based programming. She is a veteran producer whose television credits include some of the premiere specials, documentaries and pioneering series of the last decade including: “Ripley’s Believe It or Not,” which enjoyed the biggest premiere in basic cable history on TBS, “Guinness World Records Primetime” for FOX and Rysher Entertainment’s internationally syndicated, “Strange Universe.” Additionally, René has produced programming for: NBC (“Unmasked: Exposing the Secrets of Deception”), HBO (“Panic!” and “Hollywood Animal Crusaders”), VH1, Discovery, TLC (“In Search of the Holy Grail”), Animal Planet (“Wild Rescues”), Lifetime (“New Attitudes”), SkyOne, Sci-Fi Channel (“Mad, Mad House”), Travel Channel (“Bigfootville”), PAX (“Places of Mystery”) and others.

In 2001, Bruce and René formed Bluebook Films, Inc., a Los Angeles-based documentary specialist and in 2005, 1244 Films LLC was founded to produce the team’s first independent feature documentary, BLOODLINE, she also serves as head of development and oversees all content for both companies. René has become a virtual expert on the bloodline conspiracy having begun her research shortly after reading Holy Blood, Holy Grail in 1982, which introduced the idea of the marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Given the success of The Da Vinci Code, she knew the timing was right to expand and unveil the research she has accumulated over the last 20 years.

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  1. I think this is going to be a Great film and what an incredible find

    Comment by Carolyn | April 22, 2008

  2. I can’t wait for the film. I also can’t wait to hear the archived show.

    Comment by Dan | April 24, 2008

  3. The search for the solution to this mystery at Rennes-le-chateau stretches far and wide. Recent discoveries have been highlighted in an area nearby at RLC – which will be shown in this movie – and nearby Lincoln Cathedral, England. Evidence such as that provided in ‘The Bloodline’ may possibly take us that step closer to the final Answer.

    Comment by Callum | April 24, 2008

  4. Mr. Burgess, might you be interested in learning about a man who was born into this life consciously aware of the spiritual universe, and has throughout his life had many spiritual encounters that he says were designed to teach him how to communicate with the spirit world, so as to be able to do their bidding. After mastering the ability to detect and understand the spirit’s projecting at him, he’s discovered never before seen stars and galaxies, once with his naked eyes, in front of witnesses, and he’s assisted a spirit in the healing of a woman who was said to have had an incurable disease.
    Lately this man has been desperately trying to communicate with the scientific and political community his views surrounding global warming and our planets rapidly melting ice shelves. It is in his strong opinion that it is actually humanities aquatic thermal accumulation that is actually more responsible for the rapid rate at which the planets ice is melting, more so than the CO2 accumulation within the atmosphere. He says that his experiments have proven these claims. He believes that our thermal accumulation has reversed the natural downwards direction of conduction within much of our planets colder regions, thus triggering both the rapid decline of the ice, as well as triggering the highest thermal increases within those regions, apparently due to the fact that the raised levels of thermal energy within the aquatic structure is being vented up and out through the colder surface waters of those regions, which is thereby being accumulated or combined with the natural solar contribution, which used to be drawn down to some degree by the natural downwards direction of conduction, which had been provided by the untainted aquatic structure in the past. He says that his experiments clearly show that ice will melt twelve times faster once this downwards direction of conduction is removed, without raising the surface water temperature a single degree, a rate comparable to that being seen around the world today, above and beyond that of the CO2 predictions. Will anyone listen???

    Comment by Randall DeWitt | May 4, 2008

  5. Mr burgess thank you for the film i recently went to
    rennes les baines and chateau les rennes due to the fact that from a very young age i have felt an affinity for the knight templars also i am distantly related to them
    i would really appreciate a response
    thank you

    Comment by sylvia durazzo | May 11, 2008

  6. Umm can you say Bullshit? I mean who would’ve thought that only after a fictional movie was produced containing this information could some dude go and actually find it as if with all the rumors surrounding this area before wouldn’t have spurred someone else to look there first…But you guys spend your money a “Documentary if you want

    Comment by Bill Schitz | May 14, 2008

  7. Mr. Burgess and Ms. Barnett have obviously spent a good deal of their lives attempting to deny the redemptive work and the identity as God of Jesus Christ. Long after you have breathed your last breath and are found in the presence of Jesus Christ, the Name and person of Jesus will live and his great sacrifice and propitiation will be available to all who will come and say “Yes Lord, I need a Savior. I so grieve for your souls. The fear of God is the begining of wisdom.

    Comment by Linda Nelson | June 28, 2008

  8. Frederik the Great (1712-1786):Theologians are all alike .. Their aim is always to wield despotic authority over men’s consciences. They therefore persecute all of us who have the temerity to unveil the truth.

    Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1689-1762): Priests can lie, and the mob believe, all over the world.

    Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821): Knowledge and history are the enemies of religion. Priests have everywhen and everywhere introduced fraud and falsehood.

    Comment by Nguyen | October 5, 2008

  9. I rented the DVD Bloodline and watched with an open mind because I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, “The Da Vinci Code”. I have to admit, though, I was not convinced by the documentary that any of this was real. Quite the opposite. It seemed to be more drama and theatre than science and journalism. I think if this documentary was based in fact, it would have been handled much differently and more effort would have been made to verify parchment, ink, and artifacts. Ancient coins are readily available on the market, as are many authentic artifacts. None of the items in the documentary/movie were convincingly shown to belong to Jesus, Mary Magdalene, or any family member. The movie convinced me that, if this is the best evidence so far, there is very little reason to believe the Bloodline theory is factual. The entire cinematic effort appeared to be driven by a desire to gain attention and make a profit. Honestly, anyone faced with a real opportunity to uncover a discovery of this magnitude would have handled this so much more professionally. I was very offended that the corpse was treated in this manner, regardless of her identity. How disrespectful only to sell DVD’s.

    Comment by Mike Waller | October 17, 2008

  10. Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626): The trinitarian believes a virgin to be the mother of a son who is her maker.

    Pierre Bayle (1647-1706): In matters of religion, it is very easy to deceive a man, and very hard to undeceive him.

    Thomas Paine (1737-1809): What is the New Testament teaches us? To believe that the Almighty committed debauchery with a woman engaged to be maried; and the belief of this debaucery is called faith.

    Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910): I am convinced that the teaching of the church is in theory a crafty and evil lie, and in practice a concoction of gross superstition and witchcraft.It is true, I deny an incomprehensible Trinity, and the fable regarding the fall of man, which is absurd in our day.

    Friedrich Nietzche (1844-1900): One should not go to church if one wants to breathe pure air.

    Comment by Nguyen | October 18, 2008

  11. i submitted comment on two separate comments on this site, but perhaps the wrong areas. i simply state, “leave treasures hidden or they wouldn’t be treasures.” and at what point do we call it archealogy and grave robbing? as happend to one of my relations, really bothered me. who it was makes no difference, as later some true grave robbers came and took his golden armour and left his skeletal remains some distance from his final resting place in ravenna. sad. i have to say, that i personally wish that you and your lot would leave this so-called discovery alone now. these children, of said lineage, know who they are. they also know that if found, it is like the “cutting of the elm” in michael baigent’s book, someone wants their lineage/limbs cut off completely to their family tree. thus genocide. do you really want to be a part of that. they are and could be the last innocense in this world. do you want to be responsible for the destruction of a genealogical lineage/family tree of purely innocent children, whose only fault was to be born. and someone out there thinks they are a threat to some religion so they must no longer exist. sad, very sad. these children know who, what, why they are. and it does not edify anyone to know of any dug up pit of ? just to find them. give up, please. leave them alone. human beings have the habit of destroying/killing/murdering (and martyr=murder) what they don’t know or understand, and especially what they fear because of that. you made your swiss cheese film, but tell me, just as said in it, does it matter whether or Not there were such a bloodline? NO. the church will throw out the baby with the bathwater. you see, his divinity is not questioned even if there were children, for he came down in the flesh, and even after his crucifixion he showed himself to some of his apostles/disciples in luke, where he made them not recognize him, and joined them in a walk per invitation. they were surprised this stranger didn’t know the latest news, the christ had been crucified. as they walked to where they needed to go, jesus was going to walk further, but they said it was getting late and to stay over if he’d like so he accepted their kind invitation. and it was not until supper where he broke the bread their eyes were opened and they recognized him with great fear. he said not to fear for I AM NOT A GHOST, I AM BACK WITH FLESH AND BLOOD, FEEL, FOR I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO EAT OR DRINK. so if there were ever a body found, DOES THE CATHOLIC CHURCH OR ANY RELIGION FORGET THAT THEY HAVE THESE SCRIPTURES TO FALL ON that he did in fact suffer, died, buried, and rose. well, that’s saying alot for a comment, but all i have to say, at this time. oh and one last time, leave it be. thank you.

    Comment by NO ONE | April 26, 2009

  12. pyrenees ne of the pyre.
    rebirth and the rising.
    it is not so much royalty but nobility.
    for nobles are for god and country. nobility are bondservants of the lord for the people. for example, one might say, “that is a very noble gesture.”
    the royale(s) disposed a line long ago.
    thereby they disposed nobility and acts of nobility, thus negating acts of noble gesture.
    sad. but true. i have a last thing to say, “let us pray, not prey.”
    when you get into other’s business, you prey upon their business, thus become a predator yourself. is that really what you want to be?
    there are many secrets in this world that will be revealed or even re-veiled, in time, depending on us.
    leave it alone, find something else to occupy your time with.
    i have just given some interesting facts above, but is just arcane. not anything anyone really needs to know to edify their lives. PEOPLE, ONLY USE WHAT WILL EDIFY YOUR LIVES. for we should live our lives. evil is just live spelled backwards, who is going backwards to the point they are no longer living? and devil is just lived spelled backwards, who went so backward in their lives that they never really lived? LIVE PEOPLE, SO YOU CAN SAY YOU TRULY LIVED YOUR LIFE.

    Comment by NO ONE | April 26, 2009

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    Comment by radiology technician | November 24, 2010

  14. That was a wonderful article. I’ll be back later and see what else you are up to. Don’t forget this is the time of year to help others. Have a Happy New year!

    Comment by Recording Equipment | December 18, 2010

  15. Ok I got a question when it showed the tomb it looked like you could see the face of the skull as if it was laying face up and then when Ben went back to un-cover it the head was laying to the side idk if was a angle thing just looked funny to me

    Comment by Jonathan | August 25, 2013

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