Bruce Burgess and Rene Barnett

Director and Producer of ‘Bloodline’

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Was there a Jesus-Mary Magdalene bloodline? Does evidence exist? BLOODLINE follows documentary filmmaker, Bruce Burgess, into the so-called “bloodline conspiracy” that claims Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene, who escaped to the south of France following his crucifixion, with their child. Over three years in the making, BLOODLINE is the first investigation to uncover new evidence: a buried wooden chest with artifacts that date to first century Jerusalem and a tomb with a mummified corpse draped in a shroud bearing a red cross.

Burgess and his film crew begin their investigation following the trail of the Knights Templar who were believed to have buried secret treasure in southwest France. In Paris, he arranges to meet with two men who claim to represent the Priory of Sion, the secret society said to have evolved from the Templars in order to guard a secret treasure down through the ages.

About the Filmmakers:

Bruce Burgess, Director

Born in London in 1968, Bruce is a documentary filmmaker with 22 films under his belt. He is known for his reports and investigations into a wide range of mysteries, conspiracies and cover-ups.

Since his exposé of the secret Pentagon facility known as “Area 51” back in 1996, Bruce has both written, directed and hosted a series of well known documentary specials on subjects as diverse as ancient history, alien abductions, the British Royal family, CIA assassins and global terrorism.

His films have been shown on television in over 50 countries and include: “William: The Making of a King” (Granada Television & ITV), “Dreamland,” “The Uninvited,” “Impact Earth and the Lost Ark” (ITV, SKY and Discovery Networks International), “Raising the Titanic” (Carlton TV), “Sabina’s Story” (BBC2), “Bombs & Basques” (Channel 4, UK), “Stranger than Fiction” (Channel 5, UK), “The Bermuda Triangle,” “Solved & Broken Dagger” (TLC and Discovery Networks International), “Bulletcatchers” (ITV, UK) “Desert Blast” (Travel Channel), “William: Born to be King” (E! Network), “The Royal Soap Opera” (ABC) and “In Search of the Holy Grail” (Discovery and Channel 5).

In 2004, Bruce wrote and directed his first 35mm short film, “Rosbeef,” which premiered out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

Rene Barnett – Producer

René is a former print journalist, radio broadcaster and television producer specializing in entertainment series, specials, documentaries and reality-based programming. She is a veteran producer whose television credits include some of the premiere specials, documentaries and pioneering series of the last decade including: “Ripley’s Believe It or Not,” which enjoyed the biggest premiere in basic cable history on TBS, “Guinness World Records Primetime” for FOX and Rysher Entertainment’s internationally syndicated, “Strange Universe.” Additionally, René has produced programming for: NBC (“Unmasked: Exposing the Secrets of Deception”), HBO (“Panic!” and “Hollywood Animal Crusaders”), VH1, Discovery, TLC (“In Search of the Holy Grail”), Animal Planet (“Wild Rescues”), Lifetime (“New Attitudes”), SkyOne, Sci-Fi Channel (“Mad, Mad House”), Travel Channel (“Bigfootville”), PAX (“Places of Mystery”) and others.

In 2001, Bruce and René formed Bluebook Films, Inc., a Los Angeles-based documentary specialist and in 2005, 1244 Films LLC was founded to produce the team’s first independent feature documentary, BLOODLINE, she also serves as head of development and oversees all content for both companies. René has become a virtual expert on the bloodline conspiracy having begun her research shortly after reading Holy Blood, Holy Grail in 1982, which introduced the idea of the marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Given the success of The Da Vinci Code, she knew the timing was right to expand and unveil the research she has accumulated over the last 20 years.

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