The History of Talk Radio

It was back in the 1930’s that we first heard something new on the radio, the idea of listeners being able to interact with the disc jockey.  The first DJ to use this format was John J Anthony from WMRJ based in Long Island New York.  This was the first time that listeners could call into the show and discuss their problems or their political views live on the air.  That’s when radio stations discovered the potential that this format had with listener interaction and it was a sure fire way to increase their audience.

The History of Talk Radio

How does talk radio work?

Talk radio is just like any other format it function on an advertising business model and local and national companies pay the station money to have their advertisements broadcast during popular programs.  Every radio station charges a fee for advertising but the actual dollar amount will depend on the ratings of the station and the number of listeners to a particular program.

When did it take hold?

While talk radio may have gotten its start in the 30’s it wasn’t until the 60’s at KCLA in Los Angeles where a DJ from ABC named Joe Pyne really cemented talk radio on the airwaves.  Pyne was a character that was known to be confrontational and fro the time very controversial and it was his job to evoke an emotional response from the listeners at the time.  He had a pretty broad platform and he retained creative control of the show and it turned into a smash hit.  He would often tell guests to “go gargle with razor blades” particularly those that did not agree with his point of view.  Here is a look at some early talk radio pioneers.

The Audience

Talk radio audiences are far different from people who listen to music based radio.  Talk radio itself has evolved over the years.  Talk radio hosts have become political voices, where the personality of the radio host has a platform to voice their personal opinions on political issues facing us today.  Since WWII talk radio has provided a political forum to discuss current issues.  It’s not just used for political discussions some other extremely popular shows include sports radio and talk concerning what is happening in professional sports.

Since the development of the internet many talk radio stations have moved from traditional broadcasting to an internet broadcast.  Talk radio was streamed over the internet as early as 1993.  The internet has become a powerful tool for talk radio and it is also more cost effective than traditional broadcast, it also allows for the average person to create their own talk radio show without becoming part of a bigger radio network.

Talk Radio Can Help Brand Your Business

Remaining viable in business today means that you need to continually reinvent yourself to stay relevant and current in order to increase your customer base and stay in front of existing customers.  Continually finding the right platform to do that is a struggle for most business owners, but one platform they need to take a closer look at is talk radio.  Let’s look at how talk radio can help brand your business.

Talk Radio Can Help Brand Your Business

Local Talk Radio

First thing you should do is look into the difference between what your local radio station can offer and compare it to what internet radio can offer.  Local talk radio can have limitations in the size of the audience along with the amount of time you can spend on the show.  Local talk radio also has a limited range so unless you live in a fairly large city the amount of people who can listen to your message can be very small.

Internet Talk Radio

Internet radio offers you the opportunity to create your own free radio podcast and you can listen to a huge variety of original talk radio shows on the internet.  There are dozens of sites on the internet that will allow you to put together your own show.  The only thing you need to do is register with the site, schedule the right time slot and find a topic that is relevant to you.

Why Host Your Own Show

Why would you want to host your own show rather than be a guest on someone else’s show?  It can open up a whole new world of listeners that can become potential customers.  It gives you the chance to for some incredible networking opportunities and it can help you build some great relationships.  You can position yourself as an expert in your field.  You can host different guests which will allow you to partner or take on some joint ventures that are new to you.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

To create your own talk radio show the only things that you are going to need is an internet connection and a telephone…that’s it.  You will have your own dial in phone number as a host and a number for listeners to dial into to make it interactive.  You can host solo or invite guests to interact with you and your audience.  Now all you have to do is talk about your business or whatever current events that interest you and your audience.

Where to Find the Best Criminal Appeals Attorneys in Miami

Additionally, there are hundreds and hundreds of attorneys, criminal appeals lawyers in Miami, in most town plus it might at times be rather hard to get the one time. Just before you employ an attorney, you want to perform research to ensure you’re able to find the optimal/optimally representation. You ought to at no point settle to your very first law firm you encounter however desperate you may possibly be. The law firm you employ could affect an immense impact on the end result of one’s claim. Next are a few traits you ought to be on the lookout for when choosing an attorney.

Highly capable

A fantastic unlawful defense lawyer, post trial federal criminal appeals, is tremendously qualified in the particular area and so are very well versed in criminal-defense legislation. You ought to search to get an attorney who may grasp and take care of the intricacies of regulation. An experienced lawyer will probably undoubtedly be in a fantastic situation to provide different defense and options plans to assist in your own case.


Legal counsel who has encountered is probably going to possess managed most legal cases and also is aware of the most effective ways to make use of. Experience can be just a rather crucial caliber and you also have to find somebody that has large expertise soon after safeguarding a number of scenarios. It’s crucial to start looking to get an attorney that has won instances which can be such as yours. Your attorney will be aware of what things to avoid as well as also the most useful movements to produce.


The optimal/optimally law firm is somebody who’s enthusiastic about his job and also certainly will try and exhibit the very optimal/optimally protection for several of the customers. Fire compels individuals to really go the additional mile and also the lawyer is going to be prompted to defend your customer and advertise justice. A fervent law firm will know information on authorities job and also understand ways exactly to have accurate facts about this situation.


An experienced attorney that belongs to court docket has to be daring and confident to exhibit the exact case in the finest way possible. It’s crucial to start looking to get a certain attorney since this really is somebody that doesn’t be intimidated by the prosecution or even the estimate. A fantastic law firm is certain in their own capabilities and moves in the event comprehending they could gain the circumstance.


A significant characteristic of the fantastic law firm is honesty and ethics. This attorney functions inside law enforcement to acquire the very best possible results. Ethics is essential within the legal career plus it could get an impact on the results of one’s claim.

If you are searching for an attorney, you should have guidelines. Speak to men and women from the livelihood so you are able to find somebody that has a fantastic standing. You want to come across a productive user that knows the way to interest the thoughts of the jury.

Storing Solar Energy for Later Use

With solar energy continuing to fall in price each and every year, it’s soon going to drop below grid priced electricity in nearly all of the US. It already has been below grid in Hawaii for several years due to the high costs of regular power there. However, every single time you bring up any kind of renewable energy with a die-hard big oil fan, they’ll always tell you “The sun doesn’t shine at night.” Yes, they’re right, and batteries are lagging behind in their technology, even though they are falling just as quickly as solar. Here are some great tips to consider on solar power new york storage if you are thinking about adding solar panels to your home.

Time Shifting Your Usage Has Some Great Benefits

One of the biggest power drains in many homes is the big water heater that supplies hot water for showers, laundry, washing dishes and more. You can now buy super large, extra insulated, water heaters that will store up the heat while the sun shines and then turn off when it gets dark. Think about it, if you had a 200-gallon tank, how long would that last under normal usage? With extra insulation, the heat will stay in the tank and remain hot for almost 2 whole days of normal use.

You can also set most new modern appliances, like the dishwasher, clothes washer, ice maker, and other appliances to come on and work while the sun is up so that you can take full advantage of all the solar power while it’s being generated.

Generating Hydrogen With Your Excess Power

Another innovative way to store solar power or actually make usable energy are the hydrogen generating plants that have been invented. They use the power from your solar panels to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen can be compressed into tanks and then used to run cars that have hydrogen fuel cells. It can also be pumped directly into the natural gas pipelines up to a certain percentage using a two-way meter. In addition to that, most gas stoves can be fairly easily converted to run on straight hydrogen. This would take one more appliance off of the grid and make it completely independent of any utility.

There are now actual solar panels being developed that can skip the step of electrolysis, where water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen, and it separates the two gases using solar power directly. These are in the testing stages but in the future, everyone with extra space on their roof will be looking for new ways to save money or even earn money. The oxygen can be sold in tanks to nearby wholesalers that resell it to industrial clients and welders.

Of course, there are still batteries. The cost of lithium-ion batteries has continued to fall, just not as far and fast as the solar panels. There are more than a dozen manufacturers that now have lithium solid-state batteries in late-stage development. These are supposed to be able to store about 2 1/2 times the power for the same size battery and cost about half as much. Additionally, they are being reported as being able to charge in mere minutes and have no flammable electrolytes in them at all.

Time will tell which types of solar power storage methods will win the final competition. However, there are thousands of schools, companies, and governments working on dozens of solutions at this very moment. You can set a Google Alert on “battery breakthroughs” to get up to the minute news as it’s posted online directly to your email to stay informed.